I have often been asked as a Latin American “don’t you miss your native foods” the answer is “hell yeah” so here is my version of uncooked Bacaloa. Allow to soak, changing water periodically checking how salty it is. Bacaloa is cured in salt to preserve it. It’s Pollock or […]

Raw Bacaloa Ceviche

Who is Terry Wahls? If you’re not familiar with Terry Wahls, you’ll want to watch the video below about her incredible health transformation. She is a physician with multiple sclerosis, who went from a wheelchair to a bicycle through the power of a nutrient-dense paleo diet that emphasizes 9 cups […]

Dr Wahls’ super-nutrient paleo diet, that reversed her Multiple Sclerosis

This is a simple nice fresh raw salad with zucchini, tomatoes, and vinaigrette    Use a veggie cutter or slicer and sliced tomatoes Adding some type of olives makes it nice too. I like it with Mediterranean or black olives. Finish product refrigerate until chilled

Zucchini salad

I feel that women deal with stress a lot differently than men. As women, we express it and show symptoms a lot sooner than men do, I feel women are more emotional, so this is the sense of why we express and show it before men do. Men tend to let […]

Women vs Men and Stress

Ginger and Tumeric
A wonderfully refreshing and smooth delight. Fresh Mint and Pumpkin and other ingredients make this an energetic and stimulating drink for any time of the day.. .                            

Pumpkin Mint Ginger Smoothie

Fermented Garlic and Fermented Ginger "candy"
Why in the world would we want to make either of these things? Well, we use them as a basis for many recipes due to their taste + health benefits. Wes started learning about edible raw garlic online and via Pinterest (another Pinterest fanatic if you can’t tell). Victor learned […]

Ginger Candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, and Fermented Garlic ...

Panela Sugar Molds
Panela syrup is made from sugar cane juice. Nothing added or removed. Similar to maple syrup but even better imo.

Panela Sugar Cane Syrup DIY

Apple Cider Vinegar & Bentonite Clay Mud Mask
 Bentonite Clay and Fermented apple cider vinegar, leaves your skin silky smooth and very soft… Equal amounts of both ingredient mix to creamy texture but on your face and let dry for about 15 to 25 minutes. As it dries you will feel your poures getting tight and the clay […]

The Easiest and best mud mask ever!!

Venison Beef Jerky in Dehydrator
Deer Jerky is a great way to get good clean protein and still stay RAW… 

Vennison Jerky