Cooked food is Poision


By Victor Medina

Lifestyle Healing

Jack la Lane said it best if man made it, don’t eat it.

The dangers of ingesting poisonous toxins from cooked food.

Cooked foods

Pyrolysis – chemical decomposition of a substance  caused by heat. The longer the heat is applied the hotter it gets and more toxins are created. We all learned in chemistry lab that adding heat to anything changes their structure chemically. Food is no different. . Cooking food destroys nutrients by changing their molecular shape, size and chemical potential.

Chemical  breakdown in a word “COOKING” resulting in endless strands of new molecules which are toxic aromatic, peroxidizing, antioxidizing and mutagenic and carcinogenic. Cooking destroys vital enzymes, proteins coagulated making them unrecognizable to the body therefore difficult for the body to absorb, making matters worse vitamins are also destroyed in the process. The resulting changes in the food are very difficult for the body to utilize, pesticides are reconstructed into more toxic compounds, valuable oxygen is lost and free radicals are produced.

Cooked food produces high acidity in the body which causes low oxygen levels in the blood and promotes premature aging, and is the environment ideal in which cancer can thrive.

Carcinogens are created by adding heat to food, causing  mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene or chromosome.

Cooking food changes the molecular structure and converts it into something the body can’t recognized. Forcing the body to see it as poison therefore abandoning the healing process to fight the intruder.

Leukocytes (white blood cells)  are triggered into an accelerated defense mode after eating cooked food. Leukocytosis results only after the body suffers exposure to toxic substances or trauma. Leukocytes are the defenders of the body. They back up the pancreas in digestion, when the pancreas is over worked by the absence of insufficient food enzymes, these backup helpers are called to assist in the digestive process leaving them temporarily unavailable to carry out their normal defense functions of the body.

Fatigue will set in at your 30’s and 40’s due to the over exhaustion of the enzyme-generating potential which depletes due to unnatural needs of the body’s’ digestive juices (caused by cooked food) which creates an imbalance in the body from alkaline to acidic (over worked pancreas). Cooked food stresses the immune system and compromises your  gut flora.

This over stimulation of the body’s natural defenses, 2 or 4 times a day is very stressful to the human body and allocates very little time for the body to defend against other toxins, viruses, bacteria. As a result the degenerative diseases have a chance to multiply and grow. Chronic Degenerative Disease will catch up with you. Eventually the (SAD) Standard American Diet will kill you.

Cooked food reduces flexibility in the body, arteries lose their pliability, nervous system loses the ability to conduct electrical signals properly. Teeth will suffer, harmful bacteria thrive only on dead (cooked food) this encourages plaque, cavities, gum recession.

Microwaves are the absolute worse because of the extreme violence with which microwaves RIP apart molecules, resulting in fragmentation.

Cooked fats

The presence of toxic heated fats in the bloodstream diminishes the cells capacity to carry oxygen throughout the body and clogs arteries. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans today and caner running a close #2. This low level of oxygen is part of Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery that cancer thrives in a low oxygen, high acidic environment .

Fats: Cooked fats have been known to be toxic for some time, when heated above 96 degrees 36 Celsius harmful toxins are generated, lipid peroxide, oxidizing compounds that cause cancer.

Unsaturated cooked fats: Cooked at high temperatures creates trans fatty acids, which accumulate in the body that result in cancer, premature aging, liver toxicity and birth defects and toxic free radicals.

Cooked Carbohydrate

Acrylamides, 1000 times more dangerous than the majority of cancer causing agents found in food, directly related to cancerous tumors also damaging central and peripheral nervous systems. Acrylamides are so dangerous the EPA has a fixed rate that is safe for human consumption that is nearly zero, yet there is 500 times that amount in a bag of chips.

Cooking carbohydrates produces glycotoxins which make the body vulnerable to cancer and molds. Cooking and aging have similar properties, the process that turns a broiled chicken brown illustrates what happens to our body’s’ protein as we age. As the proteins react with sugars they turn brown and lose their elasticity, they cross link to form insoluble masses that generate free radicals, which contribute to aging. The accumulation of glycotoxins causes cell exhaustion and produce dangerous levels of inflammation in the body.

 Cooked Proteins

Live protein is approximately 50% more assimilated (absorbed) in the body than cooked food. Nuts, seeds and avocados which are used more efficiently because they are recognized by the body as nutrients rather than provoking leukocytosis.

Cooking meat changes the molecular structure of some of its proteins rendering them unusable by the body and making cellular healing, reproduction, and regeneration difficult if not impossible. Even cooking some foods at lower temperatures creates mutagens. This introduces a perpetual state of leukocytosis and no time is allocated for the body to heal itself.

At 104 degrees cooked proteins begins to produce toxins, and higher tempetures create heterocyclic amines (HCA’s) which are caustic compounds proven to cause cancer in lab animals. The continuous accumulation of (HCA’s) disrupts neurotransmitters in the brain and the body, eventually the accumulated poisoning leads to brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

Charco grilling is by far the worse way to cook meat, the chemicals released from burnt meat exposes a person to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which is the equivalent of smoking 250 cigarettes or 12 packs. Toxins from cooked food create beta-carbolines which  unnaturally influence the brain in unpredictable ways resulting in ADHD. The combination of Beta-cabolines and steroids found in meat could explain the aggression of meat eaters. Fermenting food sugars and starches into alcohol makes them addictive for many people, it’s the same with cooked food. Studies have shown that heated proteins by any cooking method- creates  harmful beta-carbolines, causing a person to want to eat more.

The production of poisons from cooked proteins are compounded by what you cook them in, hence evidence has proven that Teflon coated pans also emit harmful toxins and the EPA has advised consumers to stop using Teflon products.

The time between when we eat and when we get sick is great. Disease progression is very slow the accumulative effect can take decades because it’s so gradual that illness is thought to be a part of the normal aging process. Continuous poisoning of the body by the introduction of chemicals the body doesn’t recognize. Speeding up the aging process, by over working the body from the ingestion of toxins and not allowing or allocating time for the body to perform the healing process.

Obesity and what causes it?

The syndrome labeled over-fed undernourished is used to describe obese people, they don’t receive the proper nutrition nor the full range of nutrients the body needs, often remaining hungry even after eating large amounts of calories, causing people to over eat. Toxic residues that are not properly metabolized results in the pounds piling on as toxins are stored in fat cells and tissue as the toxins build up, and so the potential for diseases is greatly enhanced. Cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and countless others are some results of these toxins. Cooked food is very addictive, people have hangovers from eating this food and withdrawal symptoms equivalent or stronger than that of illegal drugs, prescription drug, and tobacco. (MSG) is just one of the chemicals used by food manufactures to trick consumers to eat more and stay addicted while maximizing profits.