The Four Cornerstones of Optimal Heath


Live Food, Exercise, Sleep and Fasting

By: Victor Medina

First, let’s remind ourselves that there are a few things that we can do to improve our health that are not associated with our diets. We can ensure that we get plenty of clean air, pure water, and exercise, get a good dose of sunshine every day, and finally what eludes most people is adequate sleep and rest.

Why Live Food?

For starters, 6 out of the top 10 leading deaths in America are directly connected to what we ingest1. With that being said, we must also reach the realization that allopathic methods are not working and will never work. Death in America is largely a food bourne illness2,(Toxic Food Syndrome). Hippocrates in 500 B.C. said “let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food“.


The # 1 killer in America is Heart disease with Cancer a very close second. The Harvard Health Publications states in an article3 5 ways to prevent heart disease:

  1. Eliminate process foods. This is precisely what live food does, by eating more live food you will limit the amount of toxins that are ingested into the body and begin the process of detoxification and cleansing.
  2. Eliminate refined salts and rapid digested carbohydrates (from white breads, white rice, potatoes and meats like) red meats and soda or other sugar sweetened beverages.
    Americans consume approximately 130 to 150 pounds of sugar every year mostly in the form of high fructose corn syrups in process foods, on the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet), refined sugar consumption is responsible for Obesity-Heart Disease, and Diabetes. Experts consider it a “DRUG” calling it an anti-nutrient antagonistic to nutrients interfering with their use or metabolism.
  3. Avoid smoking tobacco. Do we even need to mention all chemicals added that will make you sick?
  4. Stay active. choose Cross fit to Yoga to Kayaking or Rock climbing whatever just get out there.
  5. Optimize your BMI (Body Mass Index), limit or eliminate alcohol consumption which is very acidic. Do to this acidity the body attempt to balance the (PH) Potential Hydrogen levels and it draws upon vital minerals like Calcium and Magnesium that can result in Osteoporosis and Dental problems.
    Dr. Otto Warburg won the Noble Prize for Medicine in 1931; he discovered that Cancer thrives in the body in a low oxygen high acidic environment.4 He said quote: There is no question that we know the main cause of Cancer.



We all have heard the expression a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Exercise helps keep your muscles strong and firm. Keeping your heart and lungs healthy will improve endurance and stamina. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking. While on a live food diet more of the body’s energy can be used for cleansing and bio-chemical balancing and repair of the body.

Helps prevent Disease
Exercise is one of the components that drive the prevention of diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure. The body has built-in self defense mechanisms, one of them being SWEATING. Sweating is the way the body eliminates toxins, the more you sweat the more toxins are secreted.

Improves Stamina
Strengthening your lungs and heart help ensure good respiratory health and elevated blood oxygen levels. Improving stamina will help you increase efficiency. When your body is running at optimal levels, all other areas of your life improve. Live food will give you unlimited energy and renewed vitality.

Strengthen and Tone
Weight training, Cross fit and other resistance exercises develop your muscles, bones and ligaments. Weight training is especially good for women; it promotes bone density which may help in the prevention of Osteoporosis.

Enhances flexibility
Stretching exercises emphasizing flexibility may help blood circulation to tense and stiff muscles. Stretching reduces the risk of injury and increase balance and coordination. Stretching will make you feel loose and relaxed. Introducing more live foods will help the body eliminate toxins which will promote weight lose and enhance flexibility.

Weight Control
Burning calories is an efficient method to control your weight. Burning off more calories than you take in is the perfect formula for efficient weight management.

Improves Quality of Life
Regular exercise helps reduce stress. Stress is referred to as the silent killer so we must do what we can to stay healthy. Regulating blood pressure and helps us sleep better. Exercise will keep you looking and feeling amazing all your life


Fasting is to abstain from something, usually food or drink, blocking out a period of time to be used by denying oneself of something.

First, lets remember that fasting is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Many ancient societies all over the world have fasted for several reasons. Hippocrates, Plato and Aristotle would not take on new students unless they underwent a fast of 40 days5.  Hence the Masters fast where it is said that Jesus fasted for 40 days6. These great scholars new that cleaning the body sharpens the mind and heightens spirituality.

Why fast? People frequently in health circles  talk a lot about eating, what to eat? when to eat it?, how much protein vs. carbohydrates and so on. For most people it’s very complicated and confusing. I like to talk about not eating , whether it be a short fast to prepare for a change in diet, or a juice diet for detox or a one day a week 24 hour fast in to allow the digestive system to REST. People have fasted for many reasons here are a few.

  1. To  protest and make a political statement like Mahatma Gandhi7 did.
  2. People fast in order to break addictions; i.e. someone could fast for a number of days to break the addiction to caffeine or perhaps smoking, or any other toxic chemicals.
  3. Fasting is also utilized in the attempt to lose weight .
  4. People also fast to reach spiritual heights not achieved with normal practices.
  5. People also fast to excrete toxins from the body and speed up detoxification.
fasting can change your life

11 Benefits of Fasting at

During a fast your metabolism starts using ketones as fuel; ketones are chemicals produced in your liver from fat after extended periods without our usual fuel. One ketone in particular(beta-HBA), is a very efficient fuel utilized in the brain. It actually produces ATP energy more efficiently than glucose and without using the amino acids that are needed to maintain the muscles. Some speculated benefits of our ability to use beta-hydroxybutyrate(beta-HBA) include: improved antioxidant function, increased mitochondrial energy production, increased cellular survival, and increased levels of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor(BDNF) that is believed to aid neurogenisis, or the creating of new brain cells.

Whatever the reasons,  fasting has great benefits one of them being allowing the digestive system to rest in order to defend against any viruses, bacteria and degenerating deceases.I want to make sure that people understand one of the best things fasting does for the body. While on a fast lasting longer than three days, the body will start to feed on it’s self called ketosis. When this accrues the body is forced to reach into fat deposits to convert into energy, along with drawing from this fat for energy, it also draws out the TOXINS that are stored in the fat cells. This will leading to the revitalization, cleansing and repair of the body. Even nature shows us that fasting is good medicine as we automatically lose our appetites when we get sick.

“Fasting as a religious act increases our sensitivity to that mystery always and everywhere present to us. It is an invitation to awareness, a call to compassion for the needy, a cry of distress, and a song of joy. It is a discipline of self-restraint, a ritual of purification, and a sanctuary for offerings of atonement. It is a wellspring for the spiritually dry, a compass for the spiritually lost, and inner nourishment for the spiritually hungry.” -Thomas Ryan


Proper, frequent rest and sleepWeb_MindfulSleeping

Lets be clear,  most Americans don’t get enough sleep. we work too much, worry even more, and are stressed out big time. Don’t be fooled. Eliminating toxins such as caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol will help you sleep better. These are called EXCITOTOXINS8, which stimulate artificially9 and make it difficult to wind down and get to sleep.

Here are some tips that may help you sleep better. The Washington Township Center for Sleep Disorder in Fremont offer these tips.

  1. Exercise regularly. Exercising in the afternoon can improve sleep in the evenings.
  2. Set a kinder, gentler alarm.
  3. Cut back on screen time, computer, and TV.
  4. Meditate before bed.
  5. Improve your evening rituals.

Here are a few that I think may also help, which was not mentioned in the study that have helped me.

  1. Love making is a good way to relive stress and burn calories at the same time which may help.
  2. Don’t eat right before bed, your body will be very busy with digestion and could interrupt sleeping patterns. Allow a few hours from last meal to bed time so proper digestion can occur.
  3. Try some aromatherapy. Eucalyptus and lavender oils could help open breathing passages and help you sleep.
  4. Don’t go to bed angry. We have all heard before that mental preoccupation will interfere with your ability to sleep.

Body mind spirit



A clean diet will cleanse your body, which will allow you to quiet your mind, and thus will reawaken your Spirit!







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