Food Addiction & How to stop food cravings

There are a lot of different approaches to losing weight and even gaining muscle but one thing we wanted to discuss now is food addiction. As we have discussed in other places MSG is put into so many foods as well as other things under the guise of “natural ingredients“. And I don’t want to be redundant and rehash a lot of the points these other articles have made so I simply want to give you the link so you can read them for yourself.  perhaps later we can touch on points that these articles have not covered.

The following article discusses ways that scientists engineer food cravings using scientific methods and trial studies. This information is calculated from their test subjects the point of what they call the bliss point. It’s a great primer article check it out:
how to stop cravings from

What Is Sugar Addiction? – An informative Blog post @ black girls guide to weight loss

Junk food is created by science to be addictive and make us overeat.

In fact they got so good at making us all addicted that they even called together a meeting of all the food companies to discuss the problem of obesity in America. They acknowledge that they did create problem but it was a little too late; they work too well and they were not going to change their beloved formulas and lose money.

Extraordinary science of engineered junk food by the New York Times

Once you discover the facts about what these companies are doing to you and you’ve had enough, you want to make a permanent change in your lifestyle, we will be here to help.

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