Inspiration from Elders

I was inspired by this video I watched on CBS Sunday Morning. It was about senior athletes, they were runners that ran to stay healthy and they ran to feel alive.. They enjoyed it and it gave them a sense of something to accomplish. It made me think of myself at 39 I can stay in shape for the rest of my life. These elderly people were clearly in their mid 90’s, and running very good times, that someone my age wouldn’t even accomplish today. This story is inspiring because we can all be motivated to stay healthy for the rest of our lives if we fight for it continuously as these elderly people do.

Watch this video below and see if you don’t get inspired to get of the couch.

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About Kelly

I am the "trainer" in the group. As a single mom of three, my passion for staying healthy is driven by helping others stay as healthy as possible. Motivating others to reach their potential of a better overall lifestyle through nutrition, physical training , and emotional balance allows me to do what I love by teaching others health.