The Real Deal on Convenience Food

I saw this “deal” as I was getting gas today after my weekly ALDI stop.

$3.21 for the sugar rushing heart attack special

$3.21 for the sugar rushing heart attack special


$3.87 for a Berry delight I just picked up from the Store

Fresh Strawberry, Blueberry & Rasberry

Selection of berries I got @ ALDI for $1.29 each. $3.87, great deal!

What could be better or faster for you to take on your journey than naturally juicy, fresh fruit!

What’s the REAL DEAL?

Which will provide REAL energy & long lasting nutrition?

Had enough of being a commercial watching mind-controlled zombie?

Do something simple. Stop Watching. Stop buying their empty calorie products.

Get real, Eat Real food.
Get out, breathe the free air my friends.

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Hi I'm Wes, co-creator and the "Tech Guy" here. Good food has been my passion my entire life. Didn't always make the best food & fitness choices, but have transformed my life since 2010 by researching nutrition and bodybuilding. Always hungry for knowledge and feeling better now than in my younger years, I want to share with others who are also on this journey!