Women vs Men and Stress

I feel that women deal with stress a lot differently than men. As women, we express it and show symptoms a lot sooner than men do, I feel women are more emotional, so this is the sense of why we express and show it before men do. Men tend to let things go a lot easier than women. The link below this is a site that I got some information to see why and stress is different for women vs men.


I think overall health in the physical, nutritional and spiritual or mental clarity, with the aid of meditation, can help us deal with stress. All humans (elderly, children, female or male) can help themselves by dealing with stress. Learning to deal with everyday stress can help us stay healthy so these generic diseases don’t have to kill us anymore.
I feel as a women we feel stress out more than men because, we put a lot on our plates, and secondly, we let things linger because we think of the future, not just at the present moment, as most men do.  We make sure we have everything put together for our family & friends. It all stays on our brain until everything is sorted out or fixed, whether it’s a problem or if it’s just what is to come for the next day. Women think about everything so much that we have more worries in our way of thinking then men do. And on top of that, PMS-ing every month doesn’t help anything.

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I am the "trainer" in the group. As a single mom of three, my passion for staying healthy is driven by helping others stay as healthy as possible. Motivating others to reach their potential of a better overall lifestyle through nutrition, physical training , and emotional balance allows me to do what I love by teaching others health.