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Ashwagandha is one of my favorite testosterone boosters of all time and it has a very wide range of other uses than only boosting testosterone, for instance every time that I supplement with Ashwagandha I tend to see much more vivid dreams and it significantly improves the quality of my […]


Kava Root has been known to aid with sleeping problems. Kava, also known as kava-kava, has been used by Pacific Island cultures for centuries for its relaxing properties.  Studies show that kava can be effective at elevating mood related to anxiety and depression. One major benefit of using kava to treat […]


Maca is a crusiferous vegetable that grows in the high altitudes of Peru. It’s also one of those “popular” testosterone boosters with lots of happy users. However there’s still one study that shows no effects on testosterone levels after supplementing with Maca. Personally I can’t believe that study, as it’s […]

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens The amazing thing about this Indian super bean is the fact that it’s not only a testosterone booster, as it’s also boosting Human Growth Hormone and Dopamine, along with fertility. Which in general probably makes it the best bodybuilding testosterone booster for men. The great thing is that […]

Muira Puama

Muira Puama comes from the rain forests of Amazon, and it’s basically just a ground up product of a tree. However it’s not just any regular tree at all, as it’s been scientifically proven to contain some fascinating benefits for all men; 1. Contains a molecule called Icariin, which has […]


Reservatrol Reservatrol is mainly found in the skins of grapes, however if you really want to reap the benefits of Reservatrol it needs to be taken in mega doses, meaning that supplementation is a must. Here’s the reason why I qualify Reservatrol as a testosterone booster; The main reason why […]

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea or “Siberian Ginseng” grows in the northern parts of the world but mainly in Siberia. Historical research tells us that it was commonly used among vikings in their long trips to help them with energy and stamina. Also the old Russian tzhar Ivan IV used it to boost […]


Shilajit Said to be one the cornerstones in the Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Shilajit is one of the greatest herbal testosterone boosters of all time. This rocky tar-like substance that grows in the high altitudes of Himalayan mountains has one very interesting study in its belt, as it was able to […]

Suma root

Suma Root is from the rain forests of amazon, and just like Muira Puama it’s quite amazing for your testosterone levels. Is it sometimes refered to as Brazillian Ginseng, due to it’s adaptogen properties, but it is NOT a in the ginseng family. It contains plant androgens, testosterone being one […]

Tongkat Ali

Background Eurycoma longifolia is a medicinal plant commonly called tongkat ali (TA) and “Malaysian ginseng.” TA roots are a traditional “anti-aging” remedy and modern supplements are intended to improve libido, energy, sports performance and weight loss. Previous studies have shown properly-standardized TA to stimulate release of free testosterone, improve sex […]