Muira Puama

Muira Puama comes from the rain forests of Amazon, and it’s basically just a ground up product of a tree. However it’s not just any regular tree at all, as it’s been scientifically proven to contain some fascinating benefits for all men;

1. Contains a molecule called Icariin, which has been proven to boost testosterone levels

2. Increases blood flow to pelvic region.

3. Strong nitric oxide booster (increases blood flow)

4. Natural PDE-5 inhibitor, hence the name “Natural Viagra” (Viagra and Cialis work by inhibiting PDE-5).

5. Has 3 successful erectile dysfunction studies on its belt.

6. Shantou University Medical College reports that the Icariin found in Muira Puama has very strong testosterone mimic properties.

This would be my choice for Muira Puama.

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