Reservatrol is mainly found in the skins of grapes, however if you really want to reap the benefits of Reservatrol it needs to be taken in mega doses, meaning that supplementation is a must.

Here’s the reason why I qualify Reservatrol as a testosterone booster;

The main reason why I use Resevatrol is the fact that it’s able to stop the conversion from testosterone to estrogen. Yup that’s right testosterone will convert in to estrogen all the time in your body, this happens because there’s this enzyme called aromatase which actively converts your precious testosterone into female hormones, so obviously when we’re stopping this enzyme from fucking up our male hormone reserves, we’re boosting our testosterone levels and simultaneously lowering estrogen levels.

Studies also show that Reservatrol is not only boosting testosterone trough decreasing estrogen, but it’s also capable of stimulating the production of testosterone right inside your testicles. Powerful stuff.

Be sure to only use Reservatrol derived from grape skins or red wine, because some forms may actually contain soy (powerful phyto-estrogen).

If Reservatrol sounds like a your kind of thing. Then check out this soy-free kind.

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