Said to be one the cornerstones in the Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Shilajit is one of the greatest herbal testosterone boosters of all time.

This rocky tar-like substance that grows in the high altitudes of Himalayan mountains has one very interesting study in its belt, as it was able to increase total testosterone levels by 23,5% according to researchers at Indian College of Medicine. The same study also found out that 200 mg’s of Shilajit for 3 months was able to also; increase sperm count by 61.4%, sperm motility by 17.4% and sperm production by 37.6%.

Not that big of a surprise when looking at the nutritional info of Shilajit, as it’s packed with at least 85 minerals in their bio-active forms with the added benefits of fulvic-acid which significantly improves the absorption of those minerals.

The only problem with Shilajit supplementation is that there’s thousands of sellers who’s products are nowhere close to the actual Shilajit. That’s the reason why I would never spend my money on Shilajit pills, those are just too risky.

Fortunately there’s this guy who actually lived 20 years in the Himalayan mountains looking for pure Shilajit, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon his product. The only downfall with his Shilajit is, that it’s gone in a whim whenever get gets a fresh batch for sale.

This is the brand of Shilajit I recommend, it’s pure and authentic

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