Suma root

Suma Root

is from the rain forests of amazon, and just like Muira Puama it’s quite amazing for your testosterone levels. Is it sometimes refered to as Brazillian Ginseng, due to it’s adaptogen properties, but it is NOT a in the ginseng family.

It contains plant androgens, testosterone being one of them, and also this compound called “ecdysterone”.

So what’s so amazing about ecdysterone then?Well for starters it has been shown in clinical trials to yield stronger anabolic effects than Dianabol and Methandrostenolone, two popular anabolic steroids.

So in a way you could say that this root is a natural steroid, and actually the Russian Olympic team uses Suma for those purposes.

To reap all of the benefits from ecdysterone in Suma, you should use it in a tincture form, because then those precious plant androgens and ecdysterone won’t have to go trough your intestines and gut acids (which can potentially destroy and oxidize those compounds before reaching your bloodstream). That’s why I’m personally using my Suma in a tincture form.

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