30 Day Diet Adventures

Hello, I’m James and this will be my first blog on the site discussing my dietary journeys. My aim is to give other some insight into the process of changing your eating patterns to incorporate better foods as you break away from the manufactured and processed foods so prevalent in our society.
I must admit, I haven’t always eaten clean and know all too well how difficult it can be. Especially during the holidays with friends and family constantly baking up some kinda of treat or cooking a huge holiday feast! This past 2013 Christmas season I went ahead and ate almost everything put out, donuts, cupcakes, baklava, homemade candies and cakes, you name it! Not only that, I indulged in quite a few alcoholic beverages. I did tell myself it wouldn’t matter very much since I was indeed doing heavy bulking workouts that season. Though it’s true I didn’t gain too much overall weight, I did see an increase in the bloating of my belly which I was not very happy with. Not only that, my overall energy levels did suffer quite a bit which makes working out even more of a struggle. I think the only thing that helped in that regard was some of the pre-workout mixes gave me enough of a boost to overcome that, but I had to deal with a crash later in the afternoon.

January didn’t help as I took advantage of the Subway JanuANY sub for 5$ deal. Of course we must realize cheap food is only cheap for a reason. It has very little health value for your body. Then last month I hear that the bread they use has some ingredient that’s used to make yoga mats!  Subway healthy, I don’t think so.

In Feb I was already cutting back on that sort of eating and decided I needed to start cutting back on carbs to trim down. By March about a week before lent, I decided to try Giving up Gluten to see how I felt. I had read an article online that someone would give up something every month and of course Lent also lent itself to that idea as well. Overall I did pretty well in giving up gluten for most of march, except the last week, when I ate double gluten.  No, not really but I did indulge in a burger here and there.

After the giving up gluten in March, I decided perhaps I should try a series of tests and progressively work on improving my diet even further. I told many of my workmates I wanted to do Meatless May but what about April? I hadn’t decided what i was going to do until only 2 days before April in when I was talking to a coworker and she told me how successful her daughter had been on Paleo for a month so I thought, Yes that’s what I’ll do!

so now onto the next post where in April I take on the world of Paleo.

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Hi I'm Wes, co-creator and the "Tech Guy" here. Good food has been my passion my entire life. Didn't always make the best food & fitness choices, but have transformed my life since 2010 by researching nutrition and bodybuilding. Always hungry for knowledge and feeling better now than in my younger years, I want to share with others who are also on this journey!