April – Paleo challenge!

April is here and time for my Paleo adventure to begin. But what is the Paleo diet? I had heard of it here and there for the last year or so but didn’t really dive into it very much. I thought I knew the basics, you’re supposed to eat like Caveman, sure. I only had 2 days of research before I was going to take it on. giving up Gluten in March prepared me for this diet, as grains a definite no-no here. But as I looked into it further, no legumes? Are you kidding me, no beans? No Peanuts! I must admit, I love my beans and rice so this will certainly be a challenge. Take away bread, no big deal, I’m good. Ok rice sure, it’s starchy but now beans too? Ok fine, I’ll make some tasty stir-fry’s. Ahh yes, but now we deal with the sauces. I love the sweet and sour and salty of soy. They say there is a substitute, coconut aminos? I’ll need to try and find that.
Reading different articles and sources I’ve come across dissenting opinions on certain foods, like sweet potatoes. Why does one of the Droid apps say NO to them? It makes no sense, it’s a root you can dig up so why not? I don’t care I’m not giving up my sweet potatoes!

After my morning bodybuilding workout, I have a smoothie consisting of:
flax seed
chia seed
coconut water (not totally clean, as it had some added sugar)
raw chocolate powder

I eat some steamed eggs and munch on a sweet potato for my breakfast. So Vic gives me some raw turmeric to use in my smoothies. Well I forgot to throw it in the blender and so I grabbed a bit of it to eat along with my Sweet potato. I don’t know how much he uses at a time but munching on raw turmeric is awful, so bitter! That’s really not even the worst of it. I should have known. The dried form of it is the base for curries, which colors your entire meal in yellow. Well here my teeth are quite a bright orange! Thankfully I had a toothbrush with me and went to the bathroom to rinse it out. Multiple rinses and I continue spitting orange with every rinse. Even my toothbrush is now permanently stained orange even after being washed with hand soap.
If you ever have an inkling of trying to just eat raw turmeric. Don’t. Just don’t. Even my fingers are stained! It’s awful. I suppose it beats going in for a cancer treatment, but not by much.
hey, if you ever decide you want to look like a person from The jersey shore,or any other random Guido, just rub turmeric all over your body, that’ll do the trick.

I went home for lunch as I generally do, but without too much of a plan on what I was going to eat. In the fridge I find my roommate had a pork roast in BBQ sauce, and I decided to try a little bit of that, quite oily and salty but what the hell I’m hungry.I look at the label and did a FOODUCATE scan on it, OMG it was a D+, so many processed things and nitrates, such a dirty meat. So I didn’t have much of that, maybe about an once. In the fridge had my old KIMCHI and added a few things to make a tasty KimChi salad. Pickled peppers, olives & garlic make up the rest of salad. Quite tasty and filling. I will definitely  be buying cabbage and making more fermented and pickled foods.

In the evening I went to a local restaurant where I was talking to a friend about Paleo, and I was considering what o get. I’m thinking the jerk chicken Cesar salad looks good. No, no the Cesar dressing isn’t paleo he tells me. Well I could get the raw oysters but then he suggests the steak and shrimp which I go for. As a side the only thing I could really get was collard greens but after I got it, was way too salty so ended up not being as paleo as I’d hoped. This diet is more of a challenge than I anticipated. Being gluten free was a good preparation, but I still have a lot to learn as continue this paleo adventure.
Today was a rest day, a day off from the gym. SO I decided it would also be a good day to do some Intermittent fasting. Dr Mercola has a good article on Intermittent fasting I suggest you take a look at, especially if you’re not familiar with the concept. This wasn’t my first time fasting, I had done a 3 DAY portion of the Master Cleanse a few months ago, in which I drank nothing but a beverage of juiced lemons and grade B maple syrup. If I go a few days I also like to supplement with some greens Powder and BCAA’s for protein and to help curb the starving

It’s into April now and I need to get to Bravo, Aldi’s and Earth Origins for some paleo supplies.

Some groceries I bought to start out paleo April

Some groceries I bought to start out paleo April


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