Fermented Coleslaw Salad

Fermented Coleslaw salad

It’s cabbage; slightly fermented. It’s Coleslaw salad!

I wanted to share a quick recipe I came up with while on vacation. I had some extra cabbage that nobody else was going to use so I decided to try this.

Take a fresh cabbage and chop it like you would for regular cole slaw.

In a large jar pack in Cabbage and add water & salt to create a brine; about 1 tsp per quart.

As you pack the jar, add in other items such as cilantro, peppers, onions, garlic, whatever suits your fancy.
Allow to sit for a few days with loose lid or screw on a coffee filter to the ring. Put a plate under it as the water released from the cabbage can cause overflow.

When ready, unpack and add olive oil and apple cider vinegar to create a coleslaw salad. Maybe add some fish. Enjoy.

Keep the unused portion in the fridge for more salads and the varieties are endless!

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