Transition to a better lifestyle

Lifestyle Healing

Steps to a better life style

Step 1- Is simply to do it. Commit to the change for a short trial period. Commit to eating live food for one month and in this short time the changes will amaze you. Let’s get started.

There are 6 different methods to take charge of your heath and free yourself from harmful poisonous toxins in processed and cooked foods.

1- One meal at a time

Everybody’s pace is different some go fast and some go slow, whatever the pace, the idea is to get started and stand firm in your decision. Working out a plan in which you eat only one live breakfast for a month, then you can move to breakfast and lunch and before you know it you’ll be completely live. If rewards are too slow for you and the results not dramatic enough, we can implement a plan to move on a weekly basis instead of a monthly, schedule. Whichever method chosen the main idea is to start reducing the amount of toxins consumed and begin returning the body to its natural state of alkalinity.

2- Eliminating Toxic foods one at a time

We could start with sugar and salt for a week than add on pasteurized dairy. Slowly working up to cooked meat, grains and all processed food, replacing them with live foods and delicious live recipes. People who don’t decide to go 100% live can still reap the benefits by eliminating wheat, salt, sugar and dairy. Extracting these food from your diet would greatly enhance your health. The average American consumes 130-150 pounds of refined sugar a year. Refined sugars are directly responsible for rise in insulin levels in the body as well as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

3- Minimize heat exposure and reduce cooking time

Change the way you prepare your food, ex. If you fry food often, try streaming instead. Eat your broccoli and other veggies steamed at low temperatures. Start to train yourself to think that adding heat destroys vitamins, minerals and virtually all enzymes, so the food that your eating is not as nutritious as you may have thought. The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency is now advising consumers to STOP using Teflon products. Refine foods are loaded with unsaturated fats, cooking them produce trans fatty acids which create toxic free radicals in the body resulting in Cancer, Liver toxicity and Birth defects

4- Going all the way

Some people would say the easiest method to change is to go for it 100% to get the over the temptations and the withdrawal symptoms as quickly as possible. Realizing the dangers of cooked food makes this a very appealing strategy. It’s guarantee to get hooked on live nutrition this way, with a wonderful array of flavors, aromas and colors I tell you it’s easy to change. The faster you make the switch the sooner you will gain the results and your body, mind and soul will thank for it.  Americans consume 2 and a half pounds of sugar a week, 1 and a half pounds comes from high fructose corn sweeteners used in processed foods. High levels of blood insulin also suppress the secretion of human growth hormones and increase hunger and deepen addiction.

 5- Fasting before the transition

A short fast of only fresh squeezed juice right before starting an all live nutrition system can prove useful in moving  away from cooked food  to live food. Fasting could help diminish the cravings for coffee, sugar and salt, detoxification will aid in your transition. While fasting the body can cleanse itself more rapidly because the body is not being over taxed with digestion, it can focus on revitalization, eliminating stored toxins and repairing damaged cells.

6- Green Smoothies

Greens like kale, Collards and Spinach match human nutritional needs the most closely of all foods making them “the most essential food for humans. Adding a quart of a green smoothie as the base may aid in the reduction of cravings for foods like meats, sweets, and alcohol. The Rosen Study has shown by adding a quart of green smoothies to your diet raises the (HCI) Hydrochloric Acid which is necessary in the gastric juices for proper protein digestion. 

In closing I would like to share that cooked and processed foods have far less nutritional value than natural  live foods; they don’t enhance life, they only destroy health.  Commit to consuming only the very best that nature has to offer, in order to achieve optimal health and freedom from degenerative diseases.